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How to Claim your NCEdCloud Account

NCEdCloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) Service

for access to Powerschool and Schoolnet resources

Franklin County Schools’ Student Instructions

At this time, every student in Franklin County Schools will need to claim their account, create a password, and answer security questions for the account. Password requirements and the security questions are listed below so that you can be prepared.   The IAM Service usernames are the same as the student Powerschool number (UID).

Information you will need to log in/change or claim you IAM account:

  • Date of Birth
  • Student UID (Powerschool number)
  • LEA (350)
  • A password you will use

The steps for claiming your account follows:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Claim My Account
  1.   Click on down arrow to choose LEA Student Claim Policy and then click Next
  1. Enter the four items as requested (Student UID, Grade, Birthdate “YYYYMMDD”, 350) 
  1. Check the box for “I’m not a robot.”
  2. Enter a password and verify it. Criteria for passwords are:
  • 8-16 Characters
  • at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, AND 1 number
  • Password cannot be your username (UID), your first name, or your last name
  • Spaces are not allowed
  • Password cannot start or end with !
  1. Answer a minimum of 5 challenge questions.  Questions to choose from:
  • What is the name of the city-town where your grandparents live?
  • What is the middle name of your oldest brother or sister?
  • What is the middle name of your youngest brother or sister?
  • What is your mother’s middle name?
  • What is your father’s middle name?
  • What is your favorite breakfast cereal?
  • What is your favorite teacher’s last name?
  • What is your (formal) middle name?
  • What is your favorite pizza topping?
  • What is your best friend’s twitter handle?
  1. Your challenge questions are completed and your username is displayed.

Note:  Each time you reset your password you will have to answer a couple of challenge questions you picked. Please put the information for this account in a safe and secure location.